Young Minds Collective

YMC conducts workshops for children with an aim of prioritising holistic development.





Our website design process began with identifying the purpose of the website - to provide easy access to information. Considering that the end users of the service are children but the intermediaries who will access the website are parents, we aimed to strike a balance between simplicity and persuasion without being excessively elaborate.

To achieve a child-friendly yet approachable aesthetic, we chose Arial Rounded MT as the font, which has rounded edges that convey softness. Bright, bold, and vibrant colours were used to create an exciting and joyful experience for visitors to the website.

Maintaining a distinction between 'child-friendly' and 'childish' was crucial, and we kept this in mind throughout our design process.

Understanding that working parents are a key target audience, our wireframe design focused on easy navigation and quick access to information, minimising unnecessary actions and avoiding intrusive sign-ups to keep users engaged.

Inspired by the concept of flashcards, a familiar visual learning system for children and parents alike, we designed the Workshop section in a card-based format for intuitive browsing.