Waffle Wallah

Waffle Wallah serves sweet & savoury waffles. They are here to revolutionize waffles
– positioning it as street food with a distinctive taste & affordable pricing.

Visual Identity

For this project we started from scratch - from the name and tagline to the logo followed by the entire brand identity. Since waffles served as street food was the basis of our brief, we chose to give the entire branding a street food feel. We started with adding ‘wallah’ to the name (just like a muri/chaat wallah) and enclosing the logo unit within a conversation bubble - since that is what street food is all about, calling out to the vendor and then getting a masterpiece of very specific toppings made through sheer conversation.

Branding Elements

We adapted an illustrative route while creating icons for the brand, inspired by the artwork painted on the carts of street food vendors. Bright contrasting colors and uneven lines provided the base for this. Several ingredients were created, as a multitude of toppings are the key to street food (and the brand). The trumpet is our hero, used across most posters and artworks.


The Packaging is extremely detailed, with each side of the box serving a purpose. The keyword in the brand identity is ‘MORE’ as we want our food to be more spicy, creamy or tasty. Circles with these words were created on top of the box, with a mechanism to allow boxes of toppings to be fitted into this (for home deliveries/DIY kits). A checkered pattern (inspired by the hand cloth of a street vendor) was created and applied here, while another side had clear illustrated instructions explaining how to assemble the waffle. The inside tray (and delivery bag) took on the appearance of a newspaper (similar to newspaper packets in which muri is served). The text on the print tells the story of the waffle wallah.


What we aimed at showing through the images was ‘abundance’ - an abundance of limitless toppings, oozing out of our waffles.

Photography: Uma Damle

Food Styling: Kirin Vas

Space Design

A food cart seemed to be an opt choice for the brand. We took forward several elements created for them and applied it on the cart and the cafe interiors.

Interior Design: Phenotype Architecture Studio

Menu Design

Packing so many waffle options into print and TV menus, while keeping it attractive and maintaining legibility was a task not meant for the faint-hearted.