Vasundhara Mantri

Vasundhara Mantri’s eponymous label is known to create
path-breaking costume jewellery. Always looking to experiment, not
only with her products but with her graphics as well, her designs are always
unique and futuristic.

Digital Media

For: Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam

Vasundhara’s experimental line of wearable art was chosen to be exhibited at the Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is known for its canals, bridges and architecture. We merged Vasundhar's jewelry images with those of the cities’, to bring out the essence of each artspace.

Digital Media

For: Joya, Barcelona

Vasundhara’s experimental line of wearable art was chosen to be exhibited at Joya, Barcelona.

We merged famous architectural backdrops with Vasundharas’ jewelry pieces, to capture how energy translates across different cultures.

Visual Identity

For: An Interaction

Vasundhara wanted to break away from the jewelry she was already creating, and launch a new line of experimental jewelry, which she refers to as ‘Wearable Art’. This collection is created using blown glass jewelry and focuses on a multitude of mediums and energies coming together. The name ‘An Interaction’ was coined keeping in mind how personal this project was for the client. The launch of the collection took place in Kolkata, and celebrated the various interactive forms of art.

Dynamic Logo


Glass being the primary material used for the product, the photography centered around a play of light, shadows and reflections, allowing the drama of each unique piece to shine through.

Photography: Arka Patra
Model: Riya Bhattacherjee
HMU: Sujoy - Banik


The product shoot mirrors a fantasy world, showcasing orbs and fascinating glass formations.

Photography: Arka Patra

Digital Media

Dynamic Invite

With an extremely personal concept and product, we created digital Save-The-Dates, featuring the invitees name and the unique energy they radiate.


Space Design

Inspired by museum exhibits, our logistics kept the safety of these fragile pieces in mind while ensuring accessibility and ample space for people to move around while viewing and sampling the jewelry.

Space Design (Augmented Reality)

Every element of the event was dynamic and interactive, keeping with the nature of wearable art pieces. This particular installation reflects how the digital world allows us to enrich our perception in new ways. The posters we created came to life using Augmented Reality. Viewing them through a lens allowed the viewer to experience art in a new dimension.


For: Werifesteria

A digital lookbook was created for Vasundhara's collection - ‘Werifesteria’, where each piece reflects the spirit of the wilderness.