The Oil Chemist

An ayurvedic skincare brand, backed by scientific processes. The brand adopts the duty towards making one aware of what they put on their skin. While natural ingredients are important to TOC’s product line, the science involved in the making of their products is equally important.


A clear brief with ample creative freedom almost always helps us nail the project from the start. The TOC logo has a clear visual communication that emphasises on the use of oil and on scientific processes. It is modern, neat, with a premium vibe which is more quirky than formal. Use of alphabets and a distinctive icon make it memorable, whereas the fresh, relevant colour palette is later adapted in the packaging as per individual product ingredients.


Uniformity was maintained in the visual language and layout across both inner and outer packaging. The outer packaging needed to be eye-catching which was achieved through a balance of illustrations and gradients. The brand and product name were kept in focus at the front against a simple gradient background and hues were changed according to the product.

The inner packaging aimed to fit well and be easily identifiable in the consumer's vanity shelf. We kept the product name in the center and paired our gradients in unique colours with a minimal design.


Inspired by the structure and fluidity in Henri Matisse's works, our illustrations filled with bold and assertive strokes, were featured on either side of the outer boxes. The core ingredients of the products were translated into whimsical creepers and half-split fruits to give them a more artistic feel. Colours were chosen to match the ingredients, and a calming pastel palette balanced the gradient backgrounds on the other two sides.


Route 1: Minimal & Scientific

TOC's brand ethos of rethinking skincare was extended into the photoshoot. The art direction was divided into two distinct vibes. This first one concentrates on using calming pastel gradients as backdrops, along with scientific apparatus. We experimented here by adding a backdrop of the same shade as the product, rather than a complementing or contrasting hue. Moving ahead, empty test tubes, beakers and other apparatus were used to add dimension to the setting and make the consumer an active participant in understanding TOC's skincare.

Photography: Harshika Tantia


Route 2: Floral & Scientific

For the second vibe, we started building on the set with a curation of flowers chosen for their colours, shapes and size.

Photography: Harshika Tantia