The Backyard

A play-area for children (and adults) that encourages free play. An indoor & outdoor play area, a pet lawn, an epicurean bistro, a tree house, a splash pad and more – all come together to create a world that sparks creativity & nurtures imagination.

Visual Identity

At the very heart of the entire brand identity lies the word ‘discovery’. The backyard is a space with no set rules, where each individual is encouraged to find their way around the space, and play as directed by their imagination. Conversations with several children made us realize that they see the world rather differently from the way we imagine them to. Black is a ‘happy color’ for them. This led us to choosing an unconventional color palette and font selection for the brand. The stick figures have no gender, age or clothing. The tone of voice and the visuals have been created such that they are inclusive and adaptable.

Logo Design

The logo is the very first point of discovery. A visual mnemonic that includes all the letters of the Backyard, it may seem complex at first glance, but once you stare long enough you slowly see the alphabets unravel. We took this a notch further by switching it up and adding more elements to represent the 3 central zones within the Yard ( The bistro, the pet area and the play areas)

Print Design

We added as many points of discovery to the yard as we could muster. A special Spotify playlist was curated for the brand and printed across tablemats and menus, with the intention that you would walk away humming a tune that reminds you of your time at the yard. The tablemats became a space for us to get interactive - every word incorporated across these collaterals was written keeping in mind child psychology, while keeping the vibe interesting and enjoyable. At the heart of it all, was the feel-good factor - if it made us smile, giggle, pause or ponder, it made the cut.


Taking ahead the colors & fonts chosen for the brand identity, the packaging concentrates on the use of words. The tone of voice for The Backyard is one that is comfortable, fun, friendly with a bit of tongue in cheek involved - capturing the way adults and young adults communicate with each other. We used words and sentences that focus on the emotions evoked by food and the positivity it brings.


Space Design

The open air mural was created to add a splash of colour and a wall of imagination for the Yardbirds. Divided into 3 sections (Sea, Land, Air) - it was created keeping in mind the concept of discovery. A coming together of the real and the imaginary worlds, we invite you to find and create your own stories as you stand before this wall.

Digital Media