Retail giant Spencer’s decided to launch multiple brands across various categories. The key to each was a
clear understanding of the audience and the visual impact of each logo in an otherwise crowded space.

Spencer’s GO: Brand Name & Logo

The brand name is meant to be a suffix to the umbrella brand ‘Spencer’s’ - and is meant to convey a smaller and faster branch of the already existing retail store. The logo thus must be an extension of the existing brand logo, so that the audience can easily associate it with the master store.

Kitch: Brand Name & Logo

Kitch is a shortened form of ‘kitchen’, ideal for a brand that sells kitchenware. The logo is inspired by a widely used kitchen essential - the chopping board. The use of a bold typeface represented clear perceptibility and a strong visual impact.

Double Tick: Brand Name & Logo

Every brand wants to be recognizable enough that a simple visual tells its story. Spencer’s Retail wanted to go nameless with their new OPP line, leading to the creation of a logo that is impactful, easily identifiable & has high recall value.

Double Tick: Packaging

Similarly for the product packaging, we stuck to a minimal layout using strong contrasting colours that are easily identifiable & have a high recall value.

Hands On: Brand Name & Logo

Direct, casual with a bit of quirk and relevant product truth in it, the ease and efficiency of homeware can only be understood with a 'HANDSON' experience. This was followed by a stark H for the logo- meant to attract the consumer from a distance.