A Kolkata based fashion clothing brand – radical creates clothing
that are stylish and contemporary.


The logo for Radical is rather unique - for it looks like a ribbon, uppercase R and a lower case r, all in one!

Collection Design

For the brands’ Winter - Festive 2019 collection, we were inspired by the Art Deco movement that debuted in Paris in the 1920s. Symmetrical, geometrical and pleasing to the eye, this architectural trend soon evolved into a cultural phenomenon. While creating the patterns we kept the above rule of symmetry in mind, and used monolines to digitally create the design. Our patterns came to life across garments in print, foiling and beadwork.


Our photoshoot was aimed at capturing old world charm, recreating the magic of the era. A tribute to the remnants of the Art Deco movement.

Photography: Arka Patra
Models: Deepa Biswas, Tanisha De
HMU: Zainab Ashraf, Anam

Digital Media

Smoke screen stages and risque cabaret, a fast paced Gatsby like affair. The digital media design for Radical turned to the symmetry and simplicity of Neoclassicism, but sans its traditional approach.