Precious Earth

With expertise passed down through generations, Precious Earth’s lineage makes it a specialist
in the precious, semi-precious, and gemstone jewellery business.

Visual Identity

When we began this project, the real challenge was to bring forth an industry that is traditional in its ways of interaction to a modern, digital platform. Gemstones are purchased in person, based on trust. The identity of Precious Earth had to uphold that virtue of faith but now in a forum that was no longer tangible. We also kept in mind that while gemstones are traditionally purchased after consultation with the elders in a family, there was now a new generation of buyers coming in as well.

To showcase a blend of luxury and modernity to the ancient wisdom of astrology, the visual language is minimal but made of consistent elements that create a cohesive experience. The elements represent concepts such as co-existence, duality, progression, and movement. These concepts are closely connected with astrology, ancient wisdom, and self-care. The elements have been combined to create different symbols and patterns and add a level of detailing to the entire visual design.

Logo Design

Rooted in tradition, we played to the strengths of Precious Earth and sprouted a modern proposition that brought together luxury, self-care, and the angle of specialists. The branding flowed into taking a leap of faith in ancient wisdom rather than justifying it.

We aimed to convey the ancient wisdom behind astrology without justifying it as a science with a contemporary and minimal approach. Celestial orbits represented by fluid lines dominate the design, while the gemstone element showcases how the two are intertwined.

Our approach plays on the strengths of Precious Earth, where Specialist meets self-care and luxury. With expertise taking the front seat, the aspect of self-care is to speak to the fence-sitters. The premium tone also reaches a broader audience, including non-believers, who may buy gemstones for their aesthetic value. The goal is to stay true to tradition while catering to a modern world.