Neetika Swarup

Neetika is a Kolkata based fashion designer. Known for weaving magic using natural fibres,
she creates stories in artisanal embroideries.


A collection inspired by an age-old Benarasi weaving technique, Rangkat, the city, its people, lifestyle and culture became our primary point of reference. The mood board sought to recreate a quaint home on the Ghats, and the person living inside it. How she would dress herself, spend time on her own, interact with her most prized heirlooms and perhaps, even capture the emotions she felt during different hours of the day.

Our references of several old paintings and photographs of such women combined with iconic paintings of Raja Ravi Verma recreated by Neetika helped us get insight into the lighting, poses, styling and props for the shoot.
Our images were shot with a desire to travel back to an ageless time and recreate something straight out of black and white images found in treasures unearthed at your ancestral home.

Photography: Arka Patra
Model: Diti Saha
HMU: Karim