Hotel Penzance

A townhouse hotel in West Cornwall, Hotel Penzance boasts of beautiful views and unparalleled hospitality.



Digital Media

Our strategy for Hotel Penzance’s social media began by identifying who would visit the social media pages and why. Will it be a newbie traveller looking for a seaside getaway? Or a vacationer who is settled on Cornwall, but wondering where to stay? Or perhaps, new guests who have made up their mind about the property but wondering what to pack and what to do?

This led to the next question - after identifying our target group, what should our communication centre around:

→ Promoting the need for a beach holiday, in general.
→ Helping one identify the town Penzance as a holiday spot.
→ Highlighting Hotel Penzance specifically.
→ Covering the various spots to see in Penzance, the town.

Naturally, the ultimate approach combined elements from the aforementioned strategies, but its direction was heavily influenced by when and why these would feature on the page.