Hem Co

HEM Corporation is amongst the top global leaders in the manufacturing and export of incense sticks and other fragrances.
They have been exporting high-quality incense products to more than 70 countries for over 3 decades.


The Art Direction for the photoshoot focused on 2 very different vibes - the first being a festive one, centered around winter, christmas and new years; with the second going into a more mellow, calming vibe for images that would be used through spring and summer. The challenge? Creating these 2 completely opposing moods while maintaining a uniformity in styling and in the final output.

Photography: Harshika Tantia

Digital Media

Fragrance choices are very personal. They are not influenced by trends, by what our friends and neighbours choose or by the ‘I’ll have what he’s having’ syndrome.

Identifying this was a turning point in the digital media strategy once we took over the brand page for @hemincense. Our focus was to move away from a product-centric strategy. We spent time understanding our audience and their connection to a specific fragrance, what it means to them and why. And we then moved on to educating them on the products, its benefits and usages. And all of this without compromising on the aesthetics - bringing a uniformity to the page with creatives that please the eye.