Harshika Tantia

Harshika Tantia is a Kolkata based photographer, specialising in fashion, food & lifestyle photography.


A versatile photographer pursuing her life’s passion, Harshika’s logo needed to reflect the essence of her work and also her own self. We focused on minimalism and timelessness as it truly defines Harshika as a brand and as a person. Keeping it clean and professional has always been her style, which inspired us in our designs as well. Our brand language for her reflects the fun side of her personality too, both in the fonts we chose and the gradients we worked with.



Harshika strikes a beautiful balance between keeping her images clean and capturing small details that go into creating the entire composition. Her images are never boring nor are they ever cluttered and busy.

And this is what her website aims at capturing as well.

We used a purposeful juxtaposition of text and images, to guide the eyes and be subtle and memorable. Keeping the focus on what is important while allowing the colors, typography and navigation to add some flair to the page.