Gems Akademia International School is a K-12 co-educational school based in Kolkata.

Brand Name, Logo & Visual Identity

The logo depicts a merger of a vividly coloured book of knowledge and a prism. It exemplifies the schools vision & belief that each child is unique and deserves a supportive environment where he/she can grow into a well-rounded individual. The school acts as a prism for its students, who appear similar at the onset, but the school focuses on nurturing their individuality. Thus, each student will leave the school having explored their potential to the fullest.


Print Design

Print Design

THINK Campaign
The visual identity for the ‘think’ campaign aimed at encouraging a child to discover, question and think out of the box. We used impactful quotes and chalkboard style graphics mixed with bright colour splashes, strong lines and symbols.


Advertisement & Visual Identity

Students First Campaign
Our designs emphasize the GAIS motto of putting students first. We highlighted the core values of the school, capturing their student-friendly environment and curriculums.


The ‘students first’ photoshoot and video campaign was designed and styled to focus on various student-related activities in real settings.

Photography: Anushree Bhatter


Videography: Priyama Barua & Chhandak Pradhan