FOI Foods

In association with Luke Coutinho, FOI Foods make condiments with no sugar and preservatives.


The brief from the brand was to make the product look honest and true to its organic roots. Life-like digital illustrations of the ingredients with emphasis on the brand USPs aim to deliver a visual that is close to the brand ethos - clean, no-nonsense, real.


The photography was divided into 2 parts. The first one was where we visited the brand factory in Durgapur and captured the team and process behind the making of the product. The idea was to allow the viewer to enter the FOI world and see how, where and by whom the products they consume are being made. The second part is where we place the product in day to day settings, reminding you of your experience as you taste a FOI condiment. Lots of sunshine, bright colours and real life settings aim to deliver an Honestly Good Look for an Honestly Good Product.

Photography: Harshika Tantia

Digital Media

The digital media design consisted of creating a page which not only spoke of the product USPs, but also in creating content that enhances your daily lifestyle and habits.

Recipes, tips, meal plans all come together to create a page you would check into every morning.

(Performance marketing in collaboration with Schbang Digital Solution)