Established in 1875, the tea plantation of Durrung is one of the oldest tea plantations in Assam’s Darrang district.
They are known for producing premium quality CTC & Orthodox black teas.


The logo is purely type based, using a bold d, to highlight the brands’ initial and increase its recall value.


The product packaging design is a combination of illustration and imagery, with the main emphasis on the logo and brand name.


Alternatively, for the festive season, we designed a range of luxury tins, which would primarily be used for gifting. The design is aimed at being aspirational – so as to seem attractive to a wide audience. Deep purples and navy blues have been used to enhance the elegance of the luxurious tin cans.

Print Design


The aim here was to portray two ideas - luxury and legacy.

Product Photography: Harshika Tantia

Digital Media