Devina Juneja

Devina Juneja creates high quality leather bags and products,
where each piece is a work of art.

Collection Design

Devina recently expanded her label and started designing fashion garments with leather detailing. We created 2 sets of custom patterns for her. The first is our version of overlapping checks, which has been cleverly offset with leather checks as well. The second was inspired by 3D leather knots created by Devina. Both patterns can be used individually and can be combined together as well.


Devina has various sources of inspiration while designing her collection - each bag has a story behind it and is influenced by what she sees around her. And that is what we picked on while styling her photographs - highlighting the source of inspiration of each bag.

Photography: Anushree Bhatter

Space Design

Devina’s stall at The India Story, 2015 was perhaps the most photographed stall. We showcased the workspace of a craftsman, sitting inside a gigantic bag. An ode to the rawness of a world from within which all this beauty unfurls.

Web Design

A parallax design with a clean interface. Luxurious and practical.