Bake at Home

Bake at Home is a DIY cupcake brand that simplifies the cupcake baking experience, such that #anybodycanbake.


Inspired by vintage American signages, the logo is aimed at evoking a sense of comfort and nostalgia. Complete with a checkered table cloth, and down to the cupcake and it’s holder, we went ahead with an iconic retro style, complemented by the use of pop colors and bold type.

Brand Identity & Packaging Design

While we weren’t tasked to create a complete ‘brand identity', things somehow seemed to naturally fall into place as we progressed from the logo to the packaging design. From the kitchen complete with a checkered table cloth and typical home baker's tools down to brand mandates - vector illustrations and pop colours came together to create the personality of this brand. All in all our aim was to establish familiarity. We kept it personal to reassure the customer of the ease with which they could pick up this kit and #BakeAtHome.

Product Manual