With its roots in the Vedic mantra of ‘Consume only what you see’, AyurVridhi makes health capsules that are transparent, and are backed by ancient Ayurvedic traditions, scientific principles and the use of superior ingredients.


The focus of the shoot for AyurVridhi is on two factors that are of the highest value to the brand - transparency & high quality ingredients. The art direction, photography & lighting was ideated in a manner to bring forth this clear nature of the capsules in every shot. The ingredients became imperative in our styling and were given ample focus throughout.

Photography: Harshika Tantia

Digital Media

For their social media campaign, we curated a collection of images & illustrations which would fit in with the brands' identity.

The strategy focussed not only on the products, but also in educating the audience about the ingredients, their benefits and also general facts on our lifestyle and the world around us. The idea was to build a community that concentrates on wellness.