An award program initiated by Sanmarg Hindi Daily, Aparajita is a celebration of fine
talent, character and uniqueness, embodied by the women of today.

Theme & Visual Identity 2019

Our theme for Aparajita 2019 drew inspiration from rivers. Text was composed, drawing parallels between women and rivers. A set of patterns were also developed to show the different characteristics of a rivers movement. Blue was introduced as a new colour to the existing palette of red and white.

Invite (New Year Greeting)

New year greetings were sent out in the form of a gullak (piggy bank) along with some writing material - encouraging our audience to pen down their dreams and store it carefully in this earthen pot, till it translates into reality.

Invite (Save the Date)

An interactive invite was sent out for the ‘Save the Date’, consisting of 3 frames to capture what makes one feel Calm, Fierce or Unstoppable. Properties associated with a moving river and women.

Invite (Main Event)

The final invitation for the event captured the many facets of an Aparajita, culminating in the message: Hamesha Aparajita.

Print Design (5 Year Journal)

This journal was a special takeaway gift: 365 questions to be answered over the course of a 5-year journey.


The brief for the creative direction for this shoot was clear: to clearly represent each nominee - real-life heroes, inspiring dreams of those to come.

Photography: Amitabh Saha & Soham Mukherjee


Large-scale advertising incorporated multilingual branding through a variety of channels. Newspaper was the most important medium of advertising for this event. Right from new year greetings, to nominee introductions, voting and countdown to the big day - the digital media and print media platforms worked in tandem.