Started in 1929, Aminia is a chain of restaurants in West Bengal, specialising in Mughlai cuisine.


Aminia is a family run business, and with the fourth generation now coming into play, the brief for its rebranding came with a clear vision. We were to retain the essence of Aminia, keep the logo & colours unchanged, highlight its legacy but modernise the visuals to make them relatable not only to the Aminia loyalists, but to their new generation as well.

Started in 1929, Aminia's very first outlet is located in Zakaria Street, right next to the famous Nakhoda Masjid. To celebrate this history and the brand's close association with Mughlai food, we took inspiration from Islamic architecture and patterns, specifically from the shapes and lines found in Nakhoda Masjid's window. A repetitive pattern was created and then applied to the boxes, packets and containers across various shapes, sizes, materials and dimensions.

Print Design

A variation of this pattern was applied to the takeaway and restaurant menus as well.